Soy Much Brighter Candles Sweet Series

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The Soy Much Brighter Sweet Series is made to lift your spirits, bring warmth to a room, and brighten any day. Made in the United States with 100% soy wax, the Soy much brighter candles provide the most beautiful and sustainable way to scent your home. Using a blend of essential oils, these candles will create the most lovely aromas in your home, without exposing you to toxic chemicals found in petroleum wax.

Peach Patch is a classic summer scent. Sweet Grass staves off negative energy. Cedar deodorizes the air, eases tension, and clears the mind.  And peach radiates fruity notes, enhancing your mood. 

Flower Child exudes the essence of an orange blossom, with a touch of sandalwood and a peak of jasmine. The fresh and delicate floral notes will take you on that walk through the flower fields you've been waiting for all winter. 

Citrus Sunshine embodies all that is summer. Tangy tangerine, bergamot, and lemon make up the body of this scent, while a dash of sage adds in an earthy, green aroma. Great for outdoors hang outs on the porch with your fave citrusy summer cocktail in hand. 


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