Rose Gold Safety Razor

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Made to last a lifetime, the rose gold safety razor will give you the smoothest and closest shave. Simply change the razor blade every couple of weeks and you're good to go. Goodbye disposable razors forever. You'll never want or need to go back. 

this item includes a razor stand and 5 replacement blades


put a fresh blade into the top by unscrewing the base of the razor handle and inserting the blade then replace the handle. 

***please remember that safety razors are sharper and provide a closer shave, therefore YOU DO NOT want to apply a lot of pressure. A light, gentle motion will get all the hair off sufficiently. Holding it at this angle will allow it to do an effective job without any added force. You'll want to moisturize the area with a shave soap or cream before using. 

How to maintain and keep your Safety Razor:

  • clean your zero waste razor after every use with warm water
  • don’t leave it in the shower or tub
  • dry it off with a towel and wipe 
  • store it in a dry place or a space with less moisture
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