R. Drew Eyelash Serum

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The combination of natural ingredients in this lash serum has been carefully selected and blended to enhance the volume and texture of your eyelashes over time. There are no "chemical" ingredients in the formula: everything is straight from nature and safe to use around the eyes. 

size: 8ml

Nourishing eyelash serum can also be used on the eyebrows. Comes in a tube with a wand and is very easy to use. Apply it to your eyelashes daily just like mascara for naturally long and luscious lashes. Be sure to apply to lashes free of makeup. We recommend using it at night and with no other eyelash treatment.

Organic coconut, almond, castor, camellia and seabuckthorn oils infused with marshmallow, horsetail, nettle, burdock, sage and mustard seed.

Coconut oil: high in vitamins and fatty acids and a wonderful natural conditioner

Castor oil: known for lengthening lashes

Seabuckthorn: conditions and supports hair growth

Camellia: softens and makes lashes more manageable

Castor: enhances the health of lashes and hair follicles

Sage: thickens and strengthens

Mustard: nourishes and encourages hair growth

Horsetail: encourages hair growth

Nettle: strengthens lashes and combats hair loss

Burdock: great for reversing thinning hair and promoting growth


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