Pumice Stone

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Made from lava stone that are both porous and abrasive, these traditional pumice stones remain to be the most effective and sustainable way to scrub dead skin from feet, heels and elbows.

How to Use: Soak feet in the shower or bath for a few minutes until skin is soft. Wet stone and scrub rough areas for a few minutes with light pressure. If you're working on your feet, focus on heels, sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin tends to build up. Moisturize your feet after use. Care Instructions:  Make sure to rinse stone thoroughly after use and hang to dry with the cotton loop. You can soak in boiling water or vinegar to sanitize. With proper care, this pumice stone will last a long time! Multipurpose: Can be used to remove hair or pills from fabric (gently), and even clean stubborn water rings in your toilet. Packaging: Unpackaged. Will be wrapped in kraft paper for shipping.

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