Bebe Brew Pregnancy Tea

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A line of products made exclusively to support optimal health for pregnant women, mamas and babies, the Dani Kenney Pregnancy Tea nourishes you and your little one. With a blend of nature's most nutritious herbs that are safe for you and your baby, the pregnancy tea aids healthy cell growth for Baby and replenishes Mama's reserves.

*Red Raspberry leaf trengthens uterine wall
*Nettle increases hemoglobin, strengthens blood vessels  and boosts oxygen flow in the body
*Oat Straw eases nerves
*Alfalfa strengthens capillaries, boosts vitamin K, and decreases chance of hemorrhaging
*Lemon balm eases insomnia
*Rose hip is high in vitamin C and helps boost absorption of calcium and iron

size: 2 oz Contains approximately 18-20 servings of tea

ingredients: red reaspberry leaf *, nettle leaf * , oatstraw * , lemon balm * , alfalfa leaf* , rosehips *

*certified organic

instructions: add 1 Tablespoon of tea to a tea ball in an 8 oz cup of just-boiled water. Steap for 4 minutes and serve. Remove tea bag and enjoy.

Caution: pregnant women should consult with their doctors before consuming any herbs, particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

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