California Juniper Essential Oil

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Locally cultivated and distilled by a botanist and medicinal herbalist duo who specialize in plants of the Southwest, the Phibee aromatic essential oils are some of the most high quality and unique essential oils on the market. The California Juniper oil is derived from the needles and berries of the Juniper tree which contain a relatively high level of citronellal, from western Arizona (4,500 ft. elevation). This juniper has citrus overtones. It is a strong anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, anti fungal, antiviral, antispasmodic and helps soften thick mucus stuck in the lungs. Perfect in an antifungal blend for aching feet. Should be avoided by those with a sensitivity to camphor.

instructions: Use topically, diluted in a carrier oil over the chest, to clear mucus build up, or on any place in the body suffering from pain and inflammation.


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