Moon Cycle Cramp Relief Serum

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This concentrated blend of castor oil, clary sage and rose quartz will improve circulation, release pelvic floor congestion and naturally relieve pain associated with your moon cycle. 

size: .33 fl oz

ingredients: organic castor oil (infused with rose quartz crystals), proprietary blend of pure essential oils, vitamin E


Saturate your abdominal area with the Moon Cycle oil and cover with a piece of cotton flannel fabric followed by a protective piece of plastic to prevent the staining of clothes, sheets or other fabrics.

(Please be aware that this oil may stain any fabric it may come into contact with, including the cotton flannel fabric.)

Fill a water bottle with warm water to place over the plastic to induce gentle heat. Relax for 5-30 minutes while allowing the oil and gentle heat to work its magic. 

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