Mocha Java Body Sugar Scrub

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Coffee and dark chocolate are loaded with natural antioxidants and caffeine. The topical application of caffeine helps remove excess water from the tissues which firms and tones the skin to minimize dimpling and make the skin appear smoother temporarily. The natural stimulant properties of caffeine help promote healthy skin tone. 

Caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor, and its topical application may help reduce swelling and inflammation and the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles if it is caused by excess fluid in the tissues. 

This whipped coffee scrub is a nourishing mixture of butters and oils, the perfect amount of coffee grounds and chocolate to smooth away dead skin and reveal new healthy skin. 

Size: 9 oz

Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic cocao powder (fair trade), organic coffee (fair trade), organic cane sugar (fair trade), organic turbinado sugar, organic honey, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil

Instructions: Place a bit of scrub in wet hands and rub together. Massage on wet skin. Pay special attention to dry, rough patches.


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