MIZZL Binchotan Charcoal Water Purifying Sticks

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Used in Japan for centuries as a natural and effective water and air purifier, the Binchotan charcoal stick is made with premium activated charcoal from 100% Ubame Oak. One of the best, most sustainable and easy ways to keep the water in your reusable water bottle purified and clean or to use in a home pitcher, the Binchotan draws impurities out of tap water while releasing beneficial minerals, such as calcium, mercury, magnesium, and phosphate. 

size: 1 stick, purifies up to 2L of water. 

instructions: boil the stick before first use. allow to air dry, add to designated water holder and fill with water. boil every two weeks to keep the stick active. after 4 months you can either compost your stick or use in your refrigerator to absorb impurities. 

stick can also be used: 

  • in the bath to enhance bath water and improve circulation
  • air purifier in your fridge, bathroom or office
  • electromagnetic wave absorber
  • for bbqing. often used at yakitori restaurants in Japan. Binchotan sticks hold a long and steady burn and give meat a great taste. 
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