Living Thing Candle

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Each Living Thing candle is made to tell a story - of a place, a scenario, or a feeling. Let these candles set the tone for how you would like to spend your time. Each candle is made by hand in small batches to ensure high quality and avoid waste. They use all-natural wax made of coconut fortified with soy wax, scented with oils that are always phalate-free. They feature minimalist designs that complement any room and are always plastic-free. 


Coasting: Sea salt, coastal redwood, eucalyptus, hemp, smoke

Deserted: Agave, aloe vera, cactus flower, hemp, palo santo, white sage

Kyoto: Bamboo, ozone, hinoki, sea salt, plum, cherry blossom

Le Midi: French lavender, thyme, sage, juniper, cedarwood atlas

Starlight: Night-blooming jasmine, amber, vetiver, bergamot, cedarwood

Superbloom: Ylang ylang, orchid, gardenia, angelica, pear, parsley, rosewood

Witchy: Rose, amber, oakmoss, vetiver, black pepper

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