Just the Goods Facial Scrub for Most Skin Types

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Made with organic oats, ground adzuki beans, rice bran, and jojoba beads this powerful scrub will lift dead, dull skin cells and deliver a satisfying polish through four different textures while bentonite clay draws impurities away from the skin for a deeper clean, glowing skin, and a clear complexion. 

size: 4 oz 

ingredients: rice bran, organic oats, kernel flour, adzuki bean powder, jojoba esters, calcium bentonite clay

instructions: To enhance this product for dry skin, blend a small amount of scrub with rose water in a bowl to desired consistency before applying it to your face. To enhance this product for oily/combination skin or acne prone skin, add lavender water instead. These enhancements are not required, only ideas to customize this item for additional benefit if desired. This item is not recommended for sensitive skin.

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