I'm Gonna Make Myself Feel Good Box

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Valentine's Day is about the celebration of love, including the love for yourself. Pamper yourself with this full of pleasure trio. The vibe personal massager for ultimate pleasure, frankincense body oil for relaxation, and 100% silk eye mask for the ultimate sleep. These items alone are more than $100, buy all three together and get yourself a treat! 

vibe personal massager: Made with 100% platinum grade silicone, this soft touch discreet, 3 speed vibrator is easy to use, quiet and can be taken anywhere. With a runtime of 2.5 hours and charged via USB, this water resistant, phthalate and latex free personal massager and vibrator is all you need to get some good stress relief. 

frankincense oil: Frankincense & Rosemary Body Oil is an incredible way to fade scars, protect your skin from harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation. Massage or moisturize your body with this delightful medley of oils chock full of therapeutic benefit

100% silk eye mask: Made from 100% mulberry silk, the M. Roze sleep mask protects skin and hair from friction and damage, maintain moisture in skin, and is breathable, making it the perfect sleep, nap or travel companion. 

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