Canine Ear Cleansing System

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A complete ear cleaning system for your dog, the dual sided tips made from medial-grade foam effectively attract and absorb dirt, oil and grime. While the organic, all natural serum cleans, disinfects, deodirzes and protects against ear infections. 

The kits come with the following:

15  Dual-Sided Tips which are made with a  medical-grade foam that is designed to effectively attract and absorb dirt, oil and grime. The new shape and dual-sided tips allow for exceptional cleaning in tight crevices. They work particularly well for smaller breeds. Tips are designed to gently clean your pet’s ears without doing any damage to the inner ear or ear canal. Made in the USA with pet safe and eco-friendly ingredients.

Ear Cleansing Serum – made with organic oils that naturally clean, disinfect, deodorize and protect against painful ear infections. Free of dyes and perfumes for a natural clean.

ingredients: organic olive oil, organic witch hazel, organic mullein oil, organic chamomile extract 

instructions: Shake well. Apply two drops of the serum to the larger side of the tips. Lightly swab around the entire ear without forcing the tip into the canal.

tips: The Dual-Sided Tips are reusable if rinsed with hot water between applications.  If the pet has an ear infection, please dispose of the tip and do not reuse it.




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