Boo Boo Bee Gone: Natural Wound Salve

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Using a organic, hand poured blend of organic olive oil, honey, organic coconut oil, calendula and comfrey, this incredible healing cream will relieve irritation in skin, help reduce the appearance of scars, help your skin heal quickly, restore moisture and naturally remove any unhealthy bacteria for you skin. 

size: .5 oz 

ingredients: *Comfrey, *Chamomile, *Lavender eases pain, *Calendula, *Coconut Oil, Honey, Vitamin E, Olive Oil * certified organic

a note from Butter Me Up: Ours contains a unique blend of hand infused organic olive oil and organic herbs of calendula, comfrey, lavender, and chamomile. We infuse our oil in the sunshine for months before it's ready to be included in this salve. That ensures that the healing properties are fully infused. We believe that your skin is just as vital as any other organ in your body. Here at Butter Me Up Organics, we like to say, "Don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't put in it." So, on that note, all of our products are completely edible.

* effective for minor burns, cuts, bruises and scars. For serious injury, please see a doctor. 

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