Blue Sage Candles

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The beautiful Blue Sage Candles are made with natural soy wax, are double wicked, naturally fragranced with essential oils, biodegradable and handcrafted in Tampa Florida.

size: 8 oz

*Each 8oz candle provides a 50 hour burn time and creates clarity, warmth and calm to every space. 

Kathmandu: The scent of The Kathmandu Candle, named after Nepal's capital, will leave every corner of your home with powerful trails of sacred incense, perfume oils and herbs. This rich candle brings the culture of Nepal and its beautiful scenery to life. Nag Champa is a sacred incense (a blend which consists partly of Sandalwood) that can be burned for many of the same reasons as Sandalwood. It can be used to purify an area. This includes acts like meditation and seeking spiritual enlightenment or evolution.

Moon Dancer: Scented with patchouli, amber, sandalwood & lavender the Moon Dancer Soy Candle, represents our inner child. The aroma of this candle takes you back to a place and time when you felt free to move and dance with ease. 

Sweet Sage: A lighter, softer and more subtle way to invite sage into your space is right under your nose with The Sweet Sage candle. Blending with blackberry the sage candle provides purification, upliftment and relaxation. 

Torriento: Evoking the scents of Cuba, the Torriento candle is made with an intoxicating blend of tobacco, caramelized vanilla and orange. 

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