Bhava Wellness Incense

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Handcrafted in the United States using organic plants and essential oils, these beautiful incense will bring peace, wellness and cosmic intuition in any space. 

cosmic rose: rose + rosewood + amber heart chakra balancing

frankincenes + copal: This herbal combination and intoxicating aroma is grounding, relaxing, purifying, and allow us to create the space we need to heal.

vrindavan sandalwood: for ritual, offering, meditation, and daily healing.  this lovely scent comes from a holy city in india known to be steeped in love & devotion.

lavender moon + vetiver: Wonderful for winding down, releasing stress and unwanted emotional energy. Perfect for activating our crown chakra and higher states of consciousness. Lavender moon is our go to meditation + yoga nidra + breathwork + home ritual tool. 

* 18 sticks per pack

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