Bath and Body Oil Sore Muscle and Congestion

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This luxurious blend of oils is perfect for healing pain in the body, nourishing the skin, and energizing your spirit. A beautiful blend of primrose, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, lime, ginger and juniper oil work together to bring relief to sore muscles and joints. Devil's claw aids healing of any skin conditions due to injuries. While jojoba and sunflower oils hydrate the skin to keep it rejuvenated. 

size: 4 oz 

ingredients:Organic Sunflower OilOrganic Evening Primrose OilOrganic RosemaryOrganic Devil's ClawOrganic Juniper BerriesOrganic PeppermintOrganic EucalyptusOrganic ThymeOrganic Jojoba OilOrganic Sweet Almond OilOrganic Juniper Berry Essential OilOrganic Lime Essential OilOrganic Spearmint Essential OilOrganic Ginger Essential OilOrganic Rosemary Essential OilOrganic Eucalyptus Essential OilOrganic Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

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