Baby Me Bum Salve

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This organic salve is formulated with extra virgin olive oil to soothe and soften baby's skin. Wild harvest  harvested myrrh that acts as a antifungal and anti-anti-inflammatory and evening primrose oil to provide effective protection and help soothe and calm baby's sensitive bottom.

ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilOrganic Evening Primrose OilOrganic CalendulaOrganic PlantainOrganic ChickweedOrganic Goldenseal RootOrganic MyrrhOrganic Beeswax

how to use:Apply to baby's skin to soothe dry skin patches and the irritation from diaper rash and cradle cap.For diaper rash, allow the baby's bottom to dry completely before applying the salve.

When using any new product on infants or young children we recommend a patch test for allergies or sensitivities.


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