Seven Day Candle

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These handpoured soy candles are infused with anointing oils, resins, and gemstones to help accelerate manifestations, provide protection and increase your abundance.

*They work exceptionally well for candle magic and come prepped and prime for your working.

Lust - A red candle with the ritual intention of manifesting lust, attraction, and romance. Use this to attract the type of energy you are looking for, not someone specific. Align yourself with that energy and allow the flame to be the beacon for that energy. It is topped with our Lust Anoint oil, gently scented with the most aphrodisiac of oils, topped off with a blend of flowers and herbs.

Prosperity - A light green candle with the ritual intention of creating and continuing prosperity. It has been created with the idea of growth and renewal, and can be used for many forms of prosperity as well as the standard monetary increase. This has the imagery of an herbal and crystal formation, decorating the banner, simply stating, “Prosperity”. It is an unscented soy wax, anointed with our Prosperity oil and topped with a special blend of ground herbs and resins. It has a bright, uplifting, scent. It aligns with the energy of pyrite. 

Rise Up - We have had some confusion about the positive aspects of a black candle and it representing the Death card in tarot ~ which is all about transformation. So meet our reborn Death candle. Rise Up. It is all about standing up, rising up out of the ashes and shouting from the top of our lungs with our intentions. It is the end of something and the transformation into something else. It is about reaching the completion of something and a declaration that we won’t accept it the way it was and we carve the new path of how it is.

Return to Sender - A purple and white swirl candle with the ritual intention of returning hexes, curses, negative intent, the evil eye, and karma back to whence it came. It has a section on the back where you can write the name of the person or idea to return the energy to. It's best done writing their name backwards and with each letter leaving what energy is to be returned. It is an unscented soy wax, anointed with our Passage Anoint and topped with a special blend of blackthorn, ground herbs, and resin

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

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